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‘Will it cut my toenails as well as my fingernails?
Yes, this nail cutter will cut your toenails as well as your fingernails. The only thing to consider is toenails tend to get pushed flat with the pressure of shoes and walking in shoes. Therefore, you need to push the cutting plate, of your duo curve nail cutter, under the toe nail to get a good cut. Note: – but this is a safe process, with this duo curve nail cutter, the process is safe for another person to cut your nails without specialist training and no fear of hurting when cutting.

‘Can I safely cut a friends nails who has poor hand motor skills or is disabled?
Yes, you can. This is one of the many benefits of this Unique nail cutting system. You will quickly understand how you can easily and safely cut another person’s finger and toenails.

‘Can I take it with me on a flying abroad holiday or will it be classed as a dangerous item in any luggage inspection?
This is a new and unique nail-cutting product, so it has not been exposed to all walks of human life. We can only advise you to check openly if you need to take it
abroad. Once they have examined the device, they will understand that it has no danger within its design. Also, this nail cutter is scanner safe.

Will the Unique Duo curve cut my pet’s nails?
No. This is not what The Unique Duo curve nail cutter is designed for. Doing such can void your warranty.

‘Can I cut any other things with this nail cutter?
No. This Unique nail cutter has been designed to cut the human finger and toenails. For the sake of your warranty and the nail cutters’ longevity, do not cut anything other than your finger and toenails.

‘Is this nail cutter electric with a battery?
No. This Unique nail cutter is completely manually operated. There are no batteries and no need to charge the nail cutter electrically. Your fingers will do all the work needed.

‘Should I try to fix the nail cutter if needed?
No. Contact us at myuniquecurve Ltd via the information given on the website. We
will advise you of your best next step should any problems occur.