How To Find The Perfect Stainless Steel Nail Clippers

Do your old nail clippers constantly leave you with misshapen nails, cracked nails, or broken cuticles?

Choosing the best nail clippers can make all the difference. If you’re struggling to find your ideal replacement, here are just a few tips to save you time and hassle:

Explore the various types of nail clippers available. 

Firstly, there are standard, traditional clippers which are straight-edged. Although these are suitable for general use, many people prefer what’s known as guillotine clippers. These have a curved or concave cutting edge. Some people find them easier to use, especially for thicker nails.

Alternatively, you might want to try our innovative high carbon steel bladed clippers. Our clipper blade is curved in all the curves of the nail unlike any other clippers you will find. Our advanced design provide a unique and safe cutting process which uses a cutting plate that pushes under the nail. Since it pushes the under flesh of the nail, the more you push the more you can cut, right up to the start of growth. You are in comfortable control with our nail clippers.


Why high carbon stainless steel is one of the best materials for nail clippers.

High carbon stainless steel has a high rust-resistance. It is considered an excellent material for nail clippers due to having several advantageous properties.

Because it’s resistant to corrosion and rust, it’s suitable for use in your bathroom, where exposure to water and moisture can ruin other materials. This property ensures the longevity of the nail clipper blades and helps maintain their appearance over time.

High carbon stainless steel nail clippers can be very durable where suitable standards are applied and when they are designed with great consideration for the user.

High carbon stainless steel is renowned for being a robust material. Normal or standard type nail clippers need to withstand repeated blade to blade impacts. Normal stainless steel, being quite soft, will not provides the necessary strength to handle these demands, resulting in a throw away product.

The material of our blade material is a form of stainless steel in the realms of high carbon and high chromium. This is not a material easily applied to existing clippers. Unlike the standard type of nail clippers, ours are made from a high carbon stainless steel used to make tough pieces of equipment, including shear blades, surgical turbines, French chefs knife blades, sharp blade hand tools and much more. The use of such material gives a sharp blade that will last for many, many, more years than traditional design clippers.

This material high carbon steel maintains its sharpness and edge over a very long time. 

Traditional stainless steels can be sharpened to an edge but due to its soft nature this will not maintain its sharpness well over time. This is the crucial part of nail clippers that needs to provide a clean and precise cut without causing discomfort or damage to the nails.

All types of stainless steel are easy to clean and keep hygienic. This is important for tools like nail clippers that come into direct contact with the body. The non-porous surface of stainless steel makes it resistant to bacteria and other pathogens, contributing to a more sanitary grooming experience.

Our clippers have a rigid carbon steel blade which cuts onto a soft aluminium cutting plate, so the blade is protected.

This devices body is made of aerospace standard aluminium; the material that builds the planes that take you on holiday and beyond. Although it is lightweight, it has the strength of steel. This is cut and crafted into its form, by us, that is ‘The Unique Duo Curve’

The blade edge of our device is sharpened to a 30 degree angle and far sharper than you can get with any traditional cutters; the material is hard and tough for a very long life, and due to its very hard properties it requires a diamond encrusted grinding wheel to sharpen its blade.

Our nail clippers are not only great to use, they look fantastic.

Stainless steel has a sleek and modern appearance. Its polished finish not only enhances the visual appeal of the nail clippers but also makes them easy to clean and maintain. Stainless steel is hypoallergenic, making it suitable for individuals with sensitive skin or metal allergies. This is particularly important for products that are in direct contact with the skin, such as nail clippers.

We can help you maintain beautiful and healthy nails.


Another advantage of our clippers is that they will never become blunt, providing they are used correctly, so giving a very environmentally friendly choice. This aligns with the increasing focus on sustainability and eco-friendly design practices in manufacturing. Longevity is one of several great ethos for our future.

What’s the best size for nail clippers?

It’s always best to pick a design that fits comfortably in your hand. Oversized or small clippers may be difficult to control. Our Unique Duo Curve’ nail cutter is extremely convenient and easy to use.  It’s renowned for its ergonomic design and couldn’t be easier to use.

All our nail clippers have sharp blades which provide a clean cut and reduce the risk of splitting or damaging the nails. However, they also have fantastic safety features to prevent any accidents as the very sharp blade is tucked away, out of harm’s way. This safety factor  comes guaranteed with our nail clippers.

They all come with a unique HRC 52 hardened blade system, which is hard as an axe, but small to fit your nail and much sharper. The blade is made of very hard and tough material, so will last for a long time (possibly forever, if it’s maintained properly). Also, because the cutting blade is so very sharp, our clipper doesn’t need post-filing to clean the nail once cut, so no extra mess, and  it can save you a great deal of time.

Our brand has an excellent reputation, with our unique design highly rated by our customers. Why not check out the reviews from other customers? These can be helpful in assessing the product’s performance.

Look for nail clippers which are easy to maintain. 

It’s always vital to consider how easy it is to clean and maintain the nail clippers. Our clippers are universally wowed for how good they are to  keeping clean.

Our well-made pair of nail clippers can last longer and provide a better grooming experience. They’re suitable for cutting both finger and toe nails, although do not use them on pets, or other cutting needs.

If you’re looking for innovative nail clippers, find out more about the Unique Duo Curve. Or don’t hesitate to contact our team for more information.