How Our Innovative Nail Clippers Outperform Conventional Designs

Do you find regular nail clippers often cause you problems?

If so, you’re not alone. Although they might be cheap and convenient, the most common nail clippers on the market come with a host of drawbacks. Ideal for thick or sensitive nails, our nail clippers can revolutionise the trimming process. We want to eliminate the problems that bad devices cause, including:

Difficulties making a precise and clean cut.

Regular nail clippers often lack the precision needed for clean cuts, especially for people with thicker or irregularly shaped nails. This can result in jagged or uneven edges. However, the Unique Duo Curve enables you to cut with the utmost precision. One reason it can do this is because it’s made from hardened steel, making it the only clippers you’ll ever need.

Another issue of traditional clippers is nail splitting and cracking. 

nail splitting and cracking

The design of regular clippers often causes nails to split or crack. This is particularly common if they are dry or brittle. This is because the clippers tend to apply uneven pressure across the nail.

In comparison, our double curved cutting platform perfectly fits the fingernail. With the curved cutting blade, it’s brilliant for preventing splitting and cracking. You can safely control how deep you cut. 

Do you have thicker nails than most people? You might find our nail clippers much easier to use. 

nail clippers

The health of our nails is influenced by various factors including nutrition, underlying medical conditions, and general nail care practices. Thicker nails don’t necessarily mean they’re healthier, although this is often the case. 

Healthy nails typically reflect a balanced diet. Nutrients like biotin, protein, zinc, and vitamins (especially A, C, and E) are crucial for nail health. If your nails are strong and thick because of a good diet, this is a positive sign.

Thicker nails can sometimes be a symptom of underlying health issues. Conditions such as fungal infections, psoriasis, or other systemic diseases can cause nails to thicken abnormally.

For individuals with very thick or hard nails, regular clippers might not provide enough leverage or sharpness to cut through the nail cleanly. This can make the clipping process difficult and uncomfortable.

Our ergonomic clippers provide exceptional control over the process. They enable the safe control of the cutting depth so no over-cutting of the nail.

Regular nail clippers are generally limited in versatility. 

They’re generally designed for use on fingernails and may not be as effective or comfortable for toenails, which are often thicker and require a different angle for cutting. That’s not the case with our handy device. Elegant and safe to use, the cutting plate pushes under the nail and the flesh of the nail. This means that the more you push the more you can cut, right up to the start of growth. 

Traditional clippers can also put you at risk of injuries.  

Anyone who’s ever incurred a bruise on their nail knows how painful it is. At worst, it can often take months to heal, making activities like writing difficult. Also known as subungual hematomas, such bruises are typically caused by trauma or injury to the nail. This can result in bleeding and pooling of blood under the nail, which appears as a dark discoloration.

The small size and shape of regular nail clippers can make it easy to accidentally clip the skin around the nail, leading to cuts and discomfort. This risk is higher for children or individuals who find it difficult to handle regular cutters. 

Some nail clippers can be difficult to clean thoroughly, and if not properly sanitised, they can harbour bacteria and fungi. This can lead to infections, especially if the skin is accidentally cut during use. That’s not the case with our clippers. When well-maintained, they can last for a lifetime, making them a brilliant investment. 

The Unique Duo Curve offers exceptional ergonomics 

Many people find standard nail clippers uncomfortable to use for extended periods or for people with arthritis or other conditions that affect hand strength and coordination. In comparison, ours are extremely pleasant and easy to use. 

Do your nails have a natural curve? 

Regular clippers are often difficult to handle for these types of nails.Many regular nail clippers are not well-suited for nails that have a natural curve or are particularly thick at the edges, making it hard to get a clean, even cut.

If you’re looking for alternatives to nail scissors or traditional clippers, the Unique Curve Duo could be for you. It’s created by a passionate design engineer who was keen to solve the problems above. If you want more details on our clippers, our experts are always happy to help. 

Find out more about our Unique Duo Curve nail clippers. Or don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team for more information.