Discover Our Innovative Curved Nail Clippers In 2024

Is it your new year’s resolution to take better care of yourself? Your nails are one of the best places to start.

Overgrown nails can break or snag easily, causing pain or leading to injuries. Keeping them trimmed reduces the risk of accidental scratching or tearing. Long nails might interfere with daily activities, making it uncomfortable to type, write, or perform other tasks. They can also affect your ability to grip things properly.

Whether you’re a keen violinist, typist or love drawing, long nails simply aren’t practical for these types of activities. Many of us much prefer having shorter nails since they make life much easier!

Did you know that your finger and toenails can show you your current state of health?

Changes in your nails’ appearance, such as discoloration, ridges or changes in shape, can sometimes indicate health issues or nutritional deficiencies. When cutting your nails with our curved nail clippers, it can help to examine their appearance and keep an eye out for any of the below.

Here are a few things to look out for when cutting your nails:


  • Colour changes. Pale or white Nails can indicate anaemia or liver problems. Meanwhile yellow nails might suggest a fungal infection or, in some cases, respiratory issues. Blue nails are often a sign of poor circulation or respiratory problems.
  • Brittle or cracked nails are often linked to vitamin deficiencies, especially biotin. Meanwhile, small dents or depressions could signal conditions like psoriasis or alopecia areata.
  • Shape alterations with spoon-shaped nails sometimes signifying an iron deficiency and anaemia. When nails curve around fingertips, it might indicate lung, heart, or liver issues.
  • Lines on your nails. What’s known as Beau’s Lines (transverse lines across the nails) might indicate past illness or trauma. Vertical ridges are common with ageing but can also indicate nutrient deficiencies or stress.

Nails are a part of our body there to protect the sensitive tips of our fingers and toes from injury.

They’re made of a protein called keratin, the same protein found in your hair and the outer layer of your skin.

Get the healthiest cut possible. 

Our nail clippers don’t ‘clip’ in the traditional way. Instead, they slice the nail with a square-cut face at the tip, equivalent to its thickness. This means that no filing will ever be needed. People won’t have to clean the nail after a cat or worry about catches. This reduces the chances of catching and breaking.

Feel like your nails constantly need trimming? This isn’t surprising given how quickly they grow!

On average, fingernails grow about 3 millimetres (1/8 inch) per month. However, factors like age, health, and seasons can affect the rate of growth. Our nails actually grow faster in the summer months, as does our hair. Meanwhile, men’s hair and fingernails typically grow faster than women’s hair and fingernails (although that’s not the case when a woman is pregnant!).

Why is cutting your nails regularly important?

Keeping nails clean and properly trimmed helps prevent certain infections and issues like ingrown nails. With our curved nail clippers, it couldn’t be easier to keep your nails looking their absolute best.

cutting nails

If you often struggle to get your nails the right length, these clippers are the ideal solution. It can be extremely painful if nails are cut too far. These curved nail clippers enable the safe control of the cutting depth so no over-cutting of the nail.

Not only that, because they’re made of hardened steel, they’re designed to last a lifetime. In short, they will be the only nail clippers you ever need.

Regularly trimmed and maintained nails contribute to a polished appearance. If you’re someone who loves painting them, our clippers can help you keep them your perfect length. Highly rated by our previous customers, they’ve been praised for being an excellent tool and investment.

They also prevent those nasty injuries that are common from traditional nail clippers. They have a unique design you have control to cut as deep as you like without discomfort.

Did you know that fingernails typically grow faster than toenails? 

Not only that, the nails on your dominant hand often grow faster than the non-dominant hand.

Contrary to popular belief, things like gelatine or supplements won’t drastically speed up nail growth. However, a balanced diet with adequate nutrients can positively impact nail health.

Cutting your nails regularly keeps them in good condition. 

It can also be important for keeping them healthy. There are various nail disorders like fungal infections, psoriasis affecting the nails, or conditions like onycholysis where the nail separates from the nail bed.

Regularly cutting out nails is vital for keeping our hands hygienic and preventing these types of problems from arising. Long nails can harbour dirt, bacteria and other microorganisms, increasing the risk of infections or the spread of germs. Trimming your nails regularly with our curved clippers helps maintain good hygiene.

Remember, healthy nails are usually a sign of good overall health, and taking care of them can prevent problems in the future! With our handy nail clippers, that process couldn’t be easier.

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