How To Use – Videos

When cutting a nail, do keep in mind that your nail should always be in line with the device.
The blade is very sharp, and correct use is always needed.

The Unique Duo Curve, how to use

Use the device to hook your finger for better control.

Do feel your way along. This device has an edge that will hook under your nail and stop any over cut of the nail. So put your nail on the cutting plate and feel your way to the cut. Find a flat surface to cut your nails over. The cuttings will drop out and you can tap them out as you cut each nail. You are in control of the cuttings and they will not ping away.

When cutting a nail you will get used to the feel of the cut as you go, so never over-strain the device during the cut or when the device has finished the cut. Note: Sometimes you may think you are about to cut a nail but in fact, you are not on the nail. Note: you should get used to the sound of a click for any general cut of a nail. Remember this is a new way to cut your nails so take your time to gently learn how to cut your nails, with comfort.