for benefits page on the unique duo curve nail cutter

Why ‘The Unique Duo Curve’ nail cutter?

  • COMFORTABLE – The Unique Duo Curve has two curves when cutting. A curve to match the nail curve over the finger and a curve for the nail around the finger tip; giving a far more comfortable cut.
  • SAFE – The Unique Duo Curve has the blade set back from the underside of the nail so the cut is controlled to a tight and safe/comfortable length; you can cut your nails in the dark with a little practice.
  • SHARP – The Unique Duo Curve has a unique HRC 50 hardened blade system, as hard as an Axe but tiny to fit your nail and much sharper. The blade is made of very hard and tough material. With a very sharp blade edge, this Blade will last for a very long time, possibly forever.
  • STRONG – The Unique Duo Curve has a body made of aircraft-grade material, which is strong as steel but much lighter.
  • LASTING – The Unique Duo Curve has a rigid steel blade cutting onto a soft aluminum cutting plate, so the blade is protected, unlike the others.
  • QUICK AND CONVENIENT – The Unique Duo Curve blade slices and can trim tiny slithers. It will not clip and ping. There is no need for post-filing to clean the nail once cut, so saving loads of time in an endless process.
  • GREEN – The Unique Duo Curve is a green ecological system. It will function for many, many years. The Duo Curve will be the one and only nail cutter you will ever need, with a very long life.
  • TIDY – The Unique Duo Curve will not let nail clippings fly away and become lost. The design is such that it gently cuts and captivates the nail clippings. You then tap the clippings out.
  • PLEASURABLE – The Unique Duo Curve – will make the endless cutting of nails enjoyable. No more dread of an endless chore.
  • CURVY – The Unique Duo Curve is designed with curves all over. This helps the control when cutting and will aid its use with people with weak grip or lowered motor skills.
  • FUTURISTIC – The Unique Duo Curve is radically new to this world ‘Unique’ and will bring a bright new future to your nail-cutting needs.